Vietnam Motorcycle Ride Hanoi current fleet of 2013-2014 XR 125 L and CRF 250 L Motorbikes are perfect for Motorcycle Touring Vietnam. We also offer a wide range of motorcycles to suit to rider’s needs like on 0r off-road Motorbike Tours in North Vietnam.

Our motorbikes are maintained by experienced full time mechanics to ensure that our bikes are kept in a safe, comfortable and the best conditions. The mechanics do not just work only in the shop, they also spend time on the road with our motorcycle touring to looking out and catching problems before they arise.

Unlike the other Motorcycle Tour Organizers in Hanoi, they offer small and old scooters for Touring in Vietnam, it is not very safe and not powerful enough, especially off-road North Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tours. Vietnam Motorcycle Rides a PROFESSIONAL TEAM based in Hanoi offers a new Honda Japanese motorcycles or reliable motorbikes for all our guided Motorbike Tours In Vietnam.

HONDA XR 125 L ( New & Brand New – Model 2013 – 2014 )



HONDA CRF 250 L ( Brand New – Model 2014 )

We are so proud to be the first and the only Motorcycle Tour Company in Vietnam running all Motorbike Tour In Vietnam with the newest model of Honda CRF 250L. It is perfect matched for all on or off-road Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tour.

CRF 250 CC Motorbike Tours Vietnam

Vietnam Motorcycle Ride In Hanoi also have Honda Fortune road bike 125 L ( Model 2013 )


Honda Fortune 125 L is one of the best motorcycles for on-road Motorbike Trips In Vietnam.