Travelling by motorbike becomes more and more popular in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. This is an interesting way to enjoy the fresh air and magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Only by taking Vietnam motorcycle tours, can you discover the wonderful landscapes of different regions of Vietnam as well as the colorful lives of ethnic minorities here. What you need to do now is seeking an enthusiastic and responsible tour guide who will help you pass the obstacles on the roads and experience the very exciting routes. Vietnam motorcycle tours is an ideal choice if you have an intention of discovering all the beauty of Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours


EXPERIENCE: The fact that an experienced guide plays a key role in anyone’s journey. There have been many Vietnam motorbike tours companies running business in Vietnam. Therefore, you should find out one that has enough experiences to have you finish your trips safely. What is an experienced Vietnam motorcycle tours? The answer is that tour includes those who know all about the most convenient routes for the travellers in Vietnam. Besides, they also know the position of a destination in a journey after a long route, which can help you avoid getting lost and save your time.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours


SAFETY: When choosing VIETNAM MOTORCYCLE TOURS, you should think of the safety on your routes. Safety requires many things in which the most important one is wearing a helmet. Because the helmets protect your head so you can stay safe on your motorcycle. However, wearing a helmet isn’t enough. You need to wear the international standard helmets which have been tested and provide a minimum standard of protection. Moreover, make sure your helmet fits properly instead of being too tight or too loose. To get more protection, opt for a full-face helmet with protection will have a piece that goes around your chin, so your face won’t make contact with the road.

NUMBERS: Apparently, each Vietnam motorcycle tours needs enough number of people for a trip. By this way, the motorcycle tour company will control and manage the tour more easily. Also, if there are too many people in a journey, it’s will be difficulty in organizing group and ensure the protection for all the members. Furthermore, enough number of people means that everyone has chance to enjoy the full benefits of the trip.

PEACE OF MIND: There are some Vietnam motorcycle tours companies requesting high deposit for all guided Vietnam motorbike tours. However, you can find your suitable motorbike tour operators where your international payments are totally safe and secure with only small deposit. You can try finding the address of these companies on internet and negotiating the Vietnam motorbike tours price.


At Vietnam motorcycle tours, we are always doing best to offer the most affordable price and still spend well your every single DOLLAR! We are one stop shop for Vietnam motorbike tours.

ETHICS: One of the most meaningful things you can get from each Vietnam motorcycle tours is attitude to your life and how to behave ethically. You are a traveller and you are try to discover the other parts of the world, which shows your enthusiastic heart and mind. When you visit a country maybe you also look forward to sharing your feelings such as happiness, satisfaction, as well as your contribution for the local people in that country. You can do more than those by taking part in some charity activities including teaching English for the local children or contributing to local economies in the areas in which we work for responsible travel. After all, everyone will share with you their smiling faces, and even try to practice English. That time you also have opportunity to enjoy Vietnamese traditional foods from the local people. You soon feel the real of Vietnam is so simple, which roots from the friendliness.

ACCOMMODATION: With long journeys, you often look for comfortable destinations to take a rest and recover after that. Hence, when you consider Vietnam motorcycle tours, you have to think about the accommodations for each day. This means you need to find the best locations for enjoying Vietnamese traditional food as well as having a good sleep in any place which is nice and clean with hot shower. The dreamful accommodation should be closer to the nature, creating condition for the traveller feel the natural beauty of Vietnam. Besides, you will meet the friendly local people when you stay near their house.

Vietnam motorbike Tours


BIKES: It’s so essential for anyone choose their bikes in Vietnam motorcycle tours. Taking risks can be part of what makes riding a motorcycle rewarding. To make your journey more interesting and still safe, choosing right motorbike is so necessary. Motorcycles can travel as fast as cars do, but lack car safety features that forces you to choose your bike more carefully. We suggest that you should consider Japanese motorbikes in Vietnam. Almost these motorcycles are professional HONDA XR, CRF from 125 L to 250 L and in excellent condition and scrupulously maintained by experienced mechanics team.


FUN: In every Vietnam motorbike tours, you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s not only the feeling of freedom on each road, but the satisfaction after sharing smiles with your team partners or the local people you see on your routes. Moreover, discovering new destinations and communicating with new and friendly people help you make friends, feel happy and love living as well as respect your days at present.

vietnam motorbike tours

ROUTES: Be a traveller and intend to visit other countries you need to know more about the routes of these countries, at least have your detailed map. When deciding to join Vietnam motorbike tours, make sure that routes have been meticulously researched to show you the best riding places in Vietnam. Therefore, you ought to find an experienced guide who understand Vietnamese roads and help you find the position of a destination in a journey after a long route.

What really makes a Ride Free Adventure is The Team, check out our crew.  Our love for being on the road on a motorcycle adventure with great people from around the world, is what it is all about for us.



In short, Vietnam has a lot of interesting motorbike roads, which create many chances for travellers to discover Vietnam by motorbike. With Vietnam motorbike tours, your trips change to adventures, which leave much impression on the following days. You will remember of Vietnam with the picture of peaceful mountainous areas in the North, the beautiful beaches in Center as well as the hospitality of the local people here. Read reviews of Vietnam motorcycle tours on Tripadvisor!


By taking a Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, you will absolutely find something to love Vietnam. Let Alan take you to the spectacular scenery show you the unique culture of hill tribe group in the far-away places that are stunning beyond belief.

Riding a motorbike in the north of Vietnam could be the best way to see the breathtaking landscape, a real Vietnam is appearing front of you with having closer touch, see amazing Vietnam that only can access by riding motorbike.

Vietnam Motorcycle Tours can be booked online and we require only minimum of deposit, your credit card payment through our Interational Payment gate is totally secured. For the balance of tours, we will collect when you are in Vietnam.

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